2020 Toyota 4Runner - Owner's Manual (596 pages)

Model: 2020 Toyota 4Runner
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Pages: 596 pages

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Setting the vehicle speed (vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode): Press the “ON-OFF” button to activate the cruise control. Radar cruise control indicator will come on and a message will be displayed on the multi-information display. Press the button again to deactivate the cruise control.

If the “ON-OFF” button is pressed and held for 1. 5 seconds or more, the system turns on in constant speed control mode. (P.282) Accelerate or decelerate, with accelerator pedal operation, to the desired vehicle speed (at or above approximately 30 mph [50 km/h]) and push the lever down to set the speed.

Cruise control “SET” indicator will come on. The vehicle speed at the moment the lever is released becomes the set speed.