2018 KIA Quoris - Owner's Manual (502 pages)

Model: 2018 KIA Quoris
File size: 13.35 MB
Pages: 502 pages

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Manual Description
Turn the steering wheel so that the parking guide line is aligned with the parking area. The headlight switch does not need to be on to use this flashing feature. It also serves as a warning to passing vehicles that the vehicle door is open.

Always have the switch in the off position when the vanity mirror lamp is not in use. The fan speed can be set to the desired speed by pushing the fan speed control button. Set the fan speed control to the the fresh air position and fan speed the air conditioning system off if desired speed.

This is a normal system ing should only be run with the operation characteristic. Do not attempt to place so many items in the storage compartment es that the storage compartment of cover cannot close securely. These items may catch fire and/or explode if the vehicle is exposed to hot temperatures for extended periods.