2013 KIA Quoris - Owner's Manual (485 pages)

Model: 2013 KIA Quoris
File size: 31.55 MB
Pages: 485 pages

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Manual Description
However, side impact and curtain air bags may inflate depending on the intensity, vehicle speed and angles of impact. Also, record the key into the hole and push it the code number and keep it in a until a click sound is heard. When replacing battery can be harmful to the the battery, make sure the battery environment and human health.

Make sure that all doors, the will operate once to indicate that engine hood and trunk lid are the system is armed. If the trunk is closed with the smart near the rear of the vehicle key in it, the chime will sound for when opening the trunk. Possible damage may occur to the trunk lift cylinders and attached hardware if the trunk is not closed prior to driving.

If the noise occurs with for approximately 30 seconds after one or both of the rear windows engine is turned off. However, if the down, partially lower both front front doors open, the power windows windows approximately one inch. It senses pump malfunctions, the steering can also raise it to give your legs the vehicle speed and road condition.