2016 KIA Picanto - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (465 pages)

Model: 2016 KIA Picanto
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Pages: 465 pages

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Manual Description
If the front immediately and consult a doctor if the passenger air bag inflates, it can symptom persists. Curtain air bag modules* the instrument panel will illuminate for approximately 60 seconds) and the 5. Driver's knee air bag module* about 6 seconds after the ignition switch passenger's front air bag will inflate 6.

These include rear impacts, second or third collisions in multiple impact accidents, as well as low speed impacts. Side and curtain air bags are designed to inflate only in side impact collisions, but they may inflate in other collisions if the side impact sensors detect a sufficient impact. The air bags are designed not to deploy in such cases because they may not provide benefits beyond the protection of the seat belts in such collisions.

However, side and curtain air bags may inflate depending on the intensity, vehicle speed and angles of impact. Such heavy braking lowers the rollover accidents (even if the vehicle is collides with objects such as utility front portion of the vehicle causing it to equipped with side air bags and curtain poles or trees, where the point of ride” under a vehicle with a higher air bags). If occupants are too close to the shifted too close to a deploying air their seat belts on and their feet on the air bag covers, they could be injured if bag, strike the interior structure or floor.