2006 KIA Picanto - Owner's Manual (281 pages)

Model: 2006 KIA Picanto
File size: 9.89 MB
Pages: 281 pages

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Manual Description
Mount the spare tire into position and in the correct jack position; and install the wheel lug nuts never use any other part of the with the beveled edge inward. With the glove box open, remove or other pollutants that come into the the stoppers on both sides to allow vehicle from the outside through the the glove box hang freely on the heating and air conditioning system. If possible, carrier or with your hands on and all other flames or continue to apply water opposite corners.

Install the socket in the assembly snap the headlight bulb retaining by aligning the tabs on the socket wire into position by aligning the with the slots in the assembly. However, the engine oil is not available in your country, select the proper engine oil using the engine oil viscosity chart. Clean vinyl surfaces with a ed cleaners and procedures film), they should be cleaned with vinyl cleaner.