2018 KIA Optima Hybrid - Owner's Manual (546 pages)

Model: 2018 KIA Optima Hybrid
File size: 12.05 MB
Pages: 546 pages

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Manual Description
Always remove the fuel cap using the remote fuel filler lid carefully and slowly. Do not operate the sun roof while using the roof rack to transport cargo. The auto reverse function does not work if a tiny obstacle is between the sliding glass and the sunroof sash.

The power assist is the vehicle is at a stop or at a low effort required to steer during normal limited to protect the motor from driving speed. It may vehicle and automatically controls cause the liquid cleaner to enter the headlight glare from the vehicles the mirror housing. Wait until press fuel filler lid open button while the fuel tank is depressurized.

You must and while backing up because always use methods of viewing there is a dead zone that can't be the area behind you including seen by the camera. Set the fan speed control to the be controlled manually by pressing desired speed. Set the temperature control to the return the control to the fresh air desired position.