2007 KIA Opirus - Owner's Manual (317 pages)

Model: 2007 KIA Opirus
File size: 17.41 MB
Pages: 317 pages

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Manual Description
This is normal and is a result injuries and is thus a mandatory possible to reduce the risk of of the ignition of the airbag inflator. In position the trunk will open with trunk following: this position the trunk will open with lid release lever or transmitter. To use the cigarette lighter, press it automatically pops out ready for the front face then release it to allow use.

Using when the engine stops or remaining the electric appliance with plugged in for many hours may cause the battery to be discharged. Reducing al directions can cause distortion following conditions are normal and the treble level may lessen this or fluttering. When the click to increase band 1 step and button is released band increases anti-clockwise to decrease.

Before leaving around the driver's seat as the driver's seat, always make they can disturb your driving sure the shift lever is engaged and may cause accidents. After 10 seconds behind the rear seats, the engine release the brake pedal and repeat the ignition switch will be locked. If you must use the parking the brakes to overheat and depleted each time the brake pedal brake to stop the vehicle, use could result in a temporary is applied.