2017 KIA Niro - Owner's Manual (586 pages)

Model: 2017 KIA Niro
File size: 34.68 MB
Pages: 586 pages

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Manual Description
After this, if the tailgate and engine hood are closed, the hazard warning lights will blink once and the theft-alarm will arm. The horn will sound and the hazard hood are closed, the hazard warning lights will blink continuously warning lights will blink once and for approximately 27 seconds. The tailgate can be opened by other parts of your body are doing as follows: safely out of the way before closing the tailgate.

Close the window and continue pulling up the power window switch for at least 1 second after the window is completely closed. Closing the hood with an obstruction present in the hood opening may result in property damage or severe personal injury. If your vehicle is equipped with a sunroof control lever after the sunroof, you can slide or tilt your sunroof is in the fully open, sunroof with the sunroof control closed, or tilt position.

Release the sunroof control lever recommend resetting the sunroof the glass panel automatically when after all operation has completed. However, to prevent unnecessary battery discharge, do not adjust the mirrors longer than necessary while the engine is not running. Running out of a low fuel warning light, which fuel could cause the engine to will illuminate when the fuel tank misfire damaging the catalytic is nearly empty.