2006 KIA K2500 - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (194 pages)

Model: 2006 KIA K2500
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Pages: 194 pages

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Manual Description
Turn the engine off and wait for a 1 while (at least 10 minutes) for the oil to return to the oil pan. Drained engine oil 5 should be disposed of properly, according to local environmental protection agency codes. When you are sure all the 8 pressure has been released, press down on the cap, using 9 a thick towel, and continue turning counterclockwise to remove it.

At the same belt tension should be checked at 1 time, belts should be examined for least once a month. Turn the steering wheel to the 6 left and right with a little force and check the free play until you get a feel for resistance against the tyre 7 wheels movement. If the vehicle is operated on dusty rough roads for a long period, it 8 should be inspect more frequently and cleared earlier.

Do not inflation pressures and stay within severe heat build-up, especially release air from warm tyres to the load limits and weight distribution on hot days and when driving at adjust the pressure or the tyres 2 recommended for your vehicle. See the speed rating chart in this section speed rating chart in this section for additional information. Install a new headlight bulb and 1 snap the headlight bulb retaining wire into position by aligning the 2 wire with the groove on the bulb.