2010 KIA Forte - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (354 pages)

Model: 2010 KIA Forte
File size: 30.32 MB
Pages: 354 pages

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Manual Description
The air bags are designed not to deploy in such cases because they may not provide benefits beyond the protection of the seat belts in such collisions. However, side impact or curtain air bags may inflate depending on the intensity, vehicle speed and angles of impact. Such heavy braking lowers the dents because air bag deployment collides with objects such as utility front portion of the vehicle causing it to would not provide protection to the poles or trees, where the point of ride” under a vehicle with a higher occupants.

Without a valid ignition key for damage to the starter motor and your vehicle, the engine will not start. When replacement is necessary, properly, open and close the door with expressly approved by the party use the following procedure. If the battery positive +” symbol faces you are unsure how to use your up as indicated in the illustration.

However, if the front doors are opened, the power windows cannot be operated even within the 30 seconds period. If the noise occurs with one or both of the rear windows down, partially lower both front windows approximately one inch. Close driver's window and continue pulling up the driver's power window switch for at least 1 second after the window is completely closed.