2013 KIA Cee'd - Owner's Manual (1168 pages)

Model: 2013 KIA Cee'd
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Pages: 1168 pages

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Manual Description
And if the power window switch is pulled up continuously again within 5 seconds after the window is lowered by the automatic window reversal feature, the automatic window reversal will not operate. If the fuel-filler lid does not open because ice has formed around it, tap lightly or push on the lid to break the ice and release the lid. The heated steering wheel will turn off automatically approximately 30 minutes after the heated steering wheel is turned on.

If the steering mode button is pressed within 4 seconds, the steering mode will change as above pictures. After operating the steering wheel, the steering effort will change automatically to the selected mode. This could result in loss of control, and an accident which could cause death, serious injury or property damage.

To housing of mirror and then fold it toward adjust the position of either mirror, move the rear of the vehicle. When it comes on, you indicator will blink for a few seconds to ing the engine, we recommend that the should add fuel as soon as possible. However, you are able to start the engine by pressing the engine start/stop button directly with the smart key.