2011 KIA Cee'd - Owner's Manual - RHD (UK, Australia) (390 pages)

Model: 2011 KIA Cee'd
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Pages: 390 pages

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Manual Description
This could increase the severity of accident when they are restrained by a injuries in case of an accident. Riding with a reclined seatback webbing or buckle does not get increases your chance of serious or caught or pinched in the rear seat. The front passenger curtain air bag) in order to help protect inflation is a consequence of extremely should always move their seat as the occupants from serious physical short time in which a collision occurs far back as possible and sit back injury.

To prevent injury, do not your chest with both the seat belt and the touch the air bag storage areas air bag, as well as from breathing the internal components immediately smoke and powder. Further opening of the covers motion, reducing the risk of head and sufficiently severe impact to the front of then allows full inflation of the air bags. These include rear impacts, second or third collisions in multiple impact accidents, as well as low speed impacts.

In other words, just because your vehicle is damaged and even if it is totally unusable, don't be surprised that the air bags did not inflate. However, side impact or curtain air bags may inflate depending on the intensity, vehicle speed and angles of impact. Such heavy braking lowers the dents because air bag deployment collides with objects such as utility front portion of the vehicle causing it to would not provide protection to the poles or trees, where the point of ride” under a vehicle with a higher occupants.